We are hiring image

Do you love to cook?

Do you love kids?

Do you love to teach?

If you said yes to these three questions, could you imagine doing all three of these at the same time?

If so, I’m looking for you! We are preparing for our first Summer Camp and are preparing for an amazing ¬†experience. We are looking for fun, high spirited people with good attitudes and loves being in or around kids and having a love for kids in the kitchen sets you apart.

Positions we are looking for are Chef Instructors and Admin Assistants/Event Managers. Chef Instructors can be chefs, bakers, culinary school chef instructors, caterers, private chefs, nutritionist, teachers (especially if you are looking for something fun to do during summer break), home chefs/bakers, to name a few. Check out the website under the About Tab for more detailed information and Applications. The Deadlines if Friday, February 12th!



Volunteer Opportunities are boundless with Made with Love Cooking School. As a matter of fact, we can not be successful without you. Do you love cooking and working with kids, teens, and adults? Do you have a super positive attitude and generate positive energy? Well our kids need people like you to assist them during these fun themed cooking classes and the Chef Instructor needs reliable people to support them. These positions are great for 1 time or as often as you like. Great for students in HS, parents, teachers, home bakers/chefs, caterers, daycare workers, elementary and middle school teachers, parents, grand parents…the list can go on. The one common denominator is that you love children and you enjoy cooking or helping children learn (if you are struggling in the cooking area…we can help with that too!)

There will be 1-2 culinary assistants per 1 Instructor based on the number of kids in the class. There will be two sessions (possibly 3) a day for 4 days for 9 weeks in the summer. This IS a volunteer position but we here at MWLCS believe in showing appreciation for your time and support. We will make wanting to volunteer with us worth while.

Don’t delay. Click on the About Tab today and download the application.

Deadline is Friday, February 12th!


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