Family Cooking

Family preparing food together

A Class in ‘Just Cooking’ Changes Family Meals

I came across this article and totally love how it supports family cooking and changing our mindset of meal preparation for our families. Also a point I got out of the article is that cooking…even when cooking with kids does not have to be all fancy and complicated with tons of ingredients. There is a place and time for that (in my opinion). It CAN be about simplicity, easy, and enjoyable enough that you would want to include your kids in the kitchen.

The article states”She is a passionate advocate for simple, ordinary home cooking — the kind parents had to do before processed and prepared foods became so readily available, and the kind that is still a more healthful, and often faster, option than pre-purchased or even fast food.”

That’s what Made with Love Cooking School believes and promotes. Check back with us for classes where you too can learn the simplicity of family cooking. They are being created with you and your family in mind as we speak!

“If the hand that’s stirring the pot has a vested interest in the health of the consumer, the result is going to be healthier than if the interest is in making a profit,” Dr. Adam said.




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