Can they handle that kitchen task? Yes they can!


Check out this very informational article from What’s Cooking with your Kids blog about what kids at certain ages are able to do in the kitchen! Do you have any thoughts to add to this list? Chime in!

What can kids of all ages do in the kitchen?

2-3 year olds can:

4-6 year olds can:

7-12 year olds can:

o Rinse vegetables or fruitso Tear large pieces of lettuce

o Stir

o Pour with assistance

o Select which ingredients they want to taste or use

o Recognize changes to ingredients during the cooking process

o Sort ingredients

o Help identify ingredients in the grocery store

o Group utensils when setting the table.

o Pouro Mix

o Count and do simple measurements

o Cut with a plastic or butter knife

o Crack eggs

o Start to follow recipe cards and symbols

o Create their own recipes, and draw them on cards

o Identify images or diagrams of ingredients on your grocery list

o Set the table.

o Do tasks listed previously


o Write your shopping list and read it to you at the store.o Help select which recipes the family will share at mealtime.

o Read and follow recipes

o Work with a heat source (supervised)

o Cut with a sharper knife (with instruction)

o Create their own recipes and write the steps

o Help to wash dishes

o Do tasks listed previously



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