The Value of Cooking in the Kitchen with Kids


For many of us, cooking is not just something we HAVE to do but it is a form of therapy. At least for me, cooking and baking is more enjoyable to me when I have things heavy on my mind and I want to escape. I go to Pinterest for inspiration and I go into the kitchen and surprise myself. I don’t want no help. I don’t want to teach. I just want to zone out and let my inherit talents move about my kitchen and create masterpieces. However, I can’t say that is the case when it comes to cooking dinner. Sometimes even I, Cooking School Owner and Instructor, loathes at the thought of what to cook for dinner. Admittedly as well, I don’t always want my children’s help (when I am in therapy mode that is), but because of my background in Child & Family Development and just being one of the kids growing up in the kitchen, I know the benefits of teaching children how to cook. Home economics class was and still is the most memorable experiences I have of Dunbar Elementary School (close second is wood shop…I LOVED building things and making them pretty).

So even when it may seem that kids in the kitchen will create more of a mess than it’s worth…and it may take longer to get a meal on the table…remember these key benefits of cooking with kids. Also, sending them to a fun recreational school, which is like the modern day Home Economics Class, helps them be more prepared for life on their own and life when it’s time for THEM to cook for their family and cook in the kitchen with THEIR KIDS!

After reading the article. Share your thoughts. Do you cook in the kitchen with your kids? Were you a kid in the kitchen with your family?

Kids in the Kitchen: The Value of Cooking

“Why teach your children to cook? It may seem that it will create more of a mess than it’s worth but there are many good reasons to introduce your children to the joys of cooking.” Quaker Oats Article


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