Changes are a part of Life!



One thing I realize the older I get is that the longer you live…the more you realize that change is constant…no matter what you do. Sometimes…those changes are good and propel you to your destiny or purpose or even just the direction of the things you want. Other times…change can seem to stunt your growth or try to stop your progress or shine. If we can accept that change is going to happen…then all we have to do is focus on how we are going to respond to that change.

With that being said, due to personal and professional changes in my life currently, I am going to have to make changes to my Summer Camp Offerings. Unfortunately, I will NOT be able to run a full fledged weekly summer camp due to my day job is having me travel during the summer. I thought all was lost and was very discouraged but realized that I can still offer kids a summer option by having a Summer Weekend Camp! From what I am hearing…parents think it will work better for them anyway. So sometimes change is not bad…it can be good!

My registration website will be updated this weekend so check back and subscribe so you can be notified and if the schedule works for you…register your child for a fun day of cooking adventure fun Coming Saturdays  starting late May!

Also, Made With Love Cooking School is going to start Hosting Adult Coloring Cooking Parties. It can be all adults or you can bring the kids and they can color too while the parents color with their friends and eat on delicious food and beverages. You will be able to host your own adult coloring cooking party. Interested in learning more? Contact me today! More information coming soon (as soon as I can get it done!)



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