Our Story

Chef Brey with her new chef hat

What makes Made with Love Cooking School so special is the story behind it’s creation. Owner and Chief Instructor, Aubrey Gallimore, was in Corporate America for many years and in 2014 was laid off after 8.5 years of service at an insurance company. It was a blessing in disguise yet a fearful time of uncertainty. She was growing tired of the repetition and mundanes of her job and the lack of growth opportunity there. She longed to put her stamp on the world and release her entrepreneur spirit free but real life responsibilities kept her stagnate (and fear to live out of the box). So the unemployment pushed her to face her fear. It was while she was receiving career counseling that she took stock of what it was that she wanted to do and what she wanted to become.

In that self discovery time frame she looked at her love, her passion, and education and did some research that resulted in a recreational cooking school. She was immediately intrigued by the concept and felt with every confidence that she would be in her element in this position. So three months of unemployment in, she set out to have her first tester cooking class party with close friends and family and it was AMAZING! It felt so right and the guests enjoyed the experience. She also had a tester cooking class with her kids and some of the neighborhood kids in her spacious home kitchen and the kids had a ball!!! It was clear….this was her purpose and destiny. To share her love of cooking and baking…her love for education, kids, and entertaining. The venture would allow her to utilize every gift and talent she was born with. It’s been a long journey to get to this point but we are ready to introduce Atlanta and the surrounding areas another alternative to culinary entertainment full of the personality of it’s owner, Aubrey Gallimore, in a laid-back comfy home kitchen setting.